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4 letter word remains accidentally during the student job of peeling of the letters of the
"Kunsten", vinyl letter remains of wall art text I had to remove as a studentjob
MHKA, Antwerp 2018
"Frog Traffic Sign", found object mounted on the street, part of performance for Menage at GONG 
Frankfurt, 2019
Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 10.02.26.png
"VDB Transit Co.",semi-fictional moving company
in collaboration with Marketa Deborggraef & Victor Vanwassenhove 
as part of the group exhibition SOMMER

Kunst Im tunnel Düsseldorf, 2019
"Cafe Solo", serving one client at the time during
Städelschule Rundgang,
Frankfurt, 2018
Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 12.11.00.png
"Rich", temporary concrete curb making
Ghent, 2017
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