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[SUNDAY, A WHITE VEIL FELL, Sonian forest.03.12.23]

Snow absorbs all highpitch sound of its environment.

A slow fade-in of silence.

We entered with light and left in the dark. I hold onto the thougt that the forest was trying to tell me:

a transition is about to happen.

A change of colour,

radical and sudden.

A different forest acoustic. The newly formed snow flake

lands on a leaf, and so do thousands other.

Together, they form a minuscule symphony of sharp and crisp white noise.

Everything starts to glow.

The cold is gentle. The branches. They shiver with us. Slowly the white turns iridescent under the falling night. The blurring cold

leaves our body.

Panning of cars passing by from right to left. Their speed is halved from usual.

We cross the road.

A pair of swans,

gently swimming through the semi frosted pond.

The forest is covered in silence and muffled life.

Perhaps this is when life started to leave your body.

Suddenly, gently, like a white veil upon your soul.

(It was during this forest walk that my grand-father started to get sick kilometers away. A few days after he left us.)

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