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Sofaa Douche Concert

I followed my talented friend Sofaa Douche while preparing for her last show for the event POESIE INSURRECTIONELLES QUEER. She recently released her latest EP, check it out here.

Yonah and I hanged out with Sophia in the lodge while she got ready. I always love to see artist before their performance, and I miss it myself!

Sophia's concert was in the basement of a shared living space. She makes experimental rap, forest-core rap, where the world of gaming and real life sadness merge.

I love the productions, by Circular Square and sometimes by her partner Martin. It's raw and hard. Yet her voice and lyrics are enchanting - I myself become the main character of the game, entering a forest of her mind.

There was also nice homemade & vegan food and drinks as well, and the person behind the bar was so sweet!

I took some pictures of the other artist Egutchi aswell, who performed in a bedroom vibe setting. The public was also laying on mattrasses, while Egutchi performed in front of what seemed to be the projection of a bedroom window. The songs were meditative, enigmatic and had a melancholic pop-vibe.

The intimacy of the house made it a special event!

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