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Room For Improvisation

June 2020 Title: Room For Improvisation Location: L’esprit Absolventen Show Staedelschule Portikus, Frankfurt Am Main (DE)୭ Participating artists: Mahya Ket, Larry Bonchaka,Wolfgang Winter,Ian Waelder, Punch Viratmale,Luis,Matt Welch,Jack Brennan, Mimi Xu, and more. Description: ☽ During 4 Wednesdays of the Absolventen exhibition, a sonic improvisation took place in the Garden of Portikus while the sun was about to set. The scenography: a secluded garden on an island, amidst Frankfurt’s skyscrapers and car traffic.There, 20 chairs collected through Germany’s famous second-handwebsite, Ebay Kleineinzage for the public and ourselves to sit on. We are suddenly surrounded by trees and geese, the cracks of amplifiers, instruments and voices.

[there's no stage] The aim of this piece is not to be wonderfully musical nor to become a particular ear-pleaser for the crowd. It is rather the - sometimes -loooong... and complex way towards a collective synchronisation that I wish we subliminally investigate in real-time. As a group of people who have never played together. Who might have never played at all. The mistakes and glorious accidents and the time it takes to land on a harmony. We have bored the listeners and woke them up at other times. Unprepared. But slowly, a trance like state mixed with the adrenaline of performing, might induce us and leave room for improvisation. Aside of being a performance, a show or a concert, it was a moment of togetherness, in a small gardenw here one could sit alone but not lonely,after a year of crisis and isolation...

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