Solo Piano [study for McKinzy aka Untitled] – Pianist: Jan Feltgen

An old piano is placed in the lounge of a company's office space.

For the opening of the private viewing of this small group show, we contacted pianist Jan Feltgen whom we discovered through the widely used platform Ebay Klein Einzage.

As he has never seen nor played the given partition before, he interprets every note while performing live. 

The piano score itself is a collage of various compositions — amongst them, Mozart Concerto in Minor D*. Some parts of the score are altered to reminisce the aspect of a glitching machine or the use of samples; and sometimes leave space to the pianist to improvise or modify on the spot. 

This piano was sourced from Metropol, Dusseldorf's oldest Arthouse cinema theater as part of a previous exhibition; SOMMER at Kunst Im Tunnel. In its previous life, the piano has played a role in the piece VDB Transit Company — a semi fictional and poetic moving company. 

Thanks to Jan Feltgen, who played the piece on sight — Victor Van Wassenhove to assist the installing of the piece. 





"It is very simple, this time. 

Leaning against no wall, a stand-up piano resides at the consultancy firm McKinsey Company for a year.
Its geometry and accompanying seat incite the ghost shape of a body— sitting down. An empty mold for a body, reminiscent to the one of the worker at its desk. Here, the human is creating or recreating, recreational time — if allowed."